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Jason started computer programming at the tender age of 9, and sold his first commercial home computer game on the Vic 20 at only 12. By the age of 16, he had 6 published games across many home computer formats. Since that early entrepreneurial success, Jason has gone on to own and run several highly successful and diverse online and offline businesses.

In 2004, his company Evolve SEM was founded to provide IT, marketing and e-commerce consulting services to both corporate’s and SME’s. Specialising in a blend of technical SEO, systems development and empirical testing and analysis, Jason began providing commercial link-building services in 2007. With the huge changes in SEO seen over the recent years, Jason has consistently been at the forefront of SEO testing and development, and was extolling the benefits of diversity and anchor-text variation years before the mainstream market caught up with this important distinction.

Backlink Banzai has been riding the wave of SEO change and link-building since 2007, and has gone through several complete technical rebuilds and direction changes to meet the current needs of the SEO marketplace. Wiki Whirlwind was added in early 2012 as a sister/alternate program to Backlink Banzai.

UberToolz was launched in 2011 with consumer versions of the technologies and tools that Jason has developed over the years to ease the SEO administration load.

Towards the end of 2011, with the direction of SEO becoming blurred (and the subsequently devastating Google Panda/Penguin updates in early 2012) it became obvious that marketing was fundamentally being changed by the emergence of a maturing socially-connected internet. Reviews and online commentary were profoundly effecting sales worldwide, and starting to have detrimental effects on SEO and other forms of search-marketing. To this end, Jason moved his research and development emphasis towards Reputation Management. Over the next 2 years, with ongoing extensive testing and bespoke software development, he offered various services which culminated in the launch of the Feedback.Zone brand.

He also owns and manages OnlineLearning.Zone, a UK-based Computer & IT/Software Training company.

Jason is 45, lives on the South Coast of England, and is still heavily involved with the day-to-day running of all his businesses. He contributes to many forums and online communities around the world as a technical expert in SEO, Reputation Management, Online Marketing and IT Systemisation.

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