Bing On The Rise At Last

Written on:May 17, 2012
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Well, it seems that in the US, Bing is on the rise! And since the US normally leads the stats in terms of IT and technology change, this is good news for all those that have been so annoyed by Google’s constant interfering with the search engine results over the last 6-12 months.

One could argue actually, that Bing is on the rise BECAUSE of Google’s constant attempts to re-sculpt their algorithm in the light of their crusade against small-business. (Oh, sorry… should that be web-spam Google… I get so mixed up from your dis-informing pres-releases and heavy-handed over-reaction.)

Apparently, over 30% of US search is now powered by Bing (via Bing & Yahoo – which it provides all search results for); not an inconsiderable number by any measure!

I’ve been an outspoken recent convert to Bing, after doing a number of personal searches that yielded far more accurate, relevant and most importantly ‘useful’ results. I’m hoping that the rest of the world quickly realises how much more productivity they’ll get from Bing – as compared to the endless useless results you have to sift through in Google!


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