Google Does It Again

Written on:April 25, 2012
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Well, it seems that Google has done it again…

Last night (24th April 2012), Matt Cutts announced to the world that they’d yet again ‘fought the good fight’ and vanquished more evil spammers from our plane of existence:

..but the problem is, as you will see if you read the rapidly growing comments section, that they’ve basically done the opposite. Utter garbage is ranking on the first page for major terms right now, and quality sites have disappeared entirely.

And ignoring the business community for the moment, when I use Google as a normal ‘person’, (rather than an SEO,) and I just want to search for useful information about something, I like to get results back that are actually relevant and useful to that search. Call me crazy, but I want a variety of independent results from different types of sites so I can go out and form my own opinions…

…What I get now are a bunch of old sites with nothing useful or a list of large corporates that I have no interest in. If these results were coming out of Google when they started, we would be thinking that someone had messed up their algorithm. And I for one, would have gone straight back to Yahoo!

I don’t know what they’re playing at over at the big G right now; but everything they do just decreases the quality of the search results. But maybe that’s the plan; put up such stinking information that you have to click on the ads to find anything of value...

And coming back to small business… I dread to think how much money has been lost today, and how many people are now facing redundancy or losing their homes. Successful and credible online businesses have been yet again wiped out over-night, with no thought to the social damage that is caused by these random and arbitrary algorithm changes.

And Matt’s closing statement would make me laugh out loud if it didn’t mask such a dark issue:

“We want people doing white hat search engine optimization (or even no search engine optimization at all) to be free to focus on creating amazing, compelling web sites…”

Does Google not realise that there will be no-one left to create these ‘amazing, compelling websites’ if no-one is making any money! We don’t sit around altruistically creating content and building links just for the fun of it; it’s to increase traffic, leads, conversions and sales. Because if we can’t make money out of it, and there’s no consistency to anything, then who will be left to actually build useful sites and content? Maybe they just imagine a world full of unemployed people who publish great literary works of art from their hovels!

Good grief, Google… Things have gone too far. In your rush to achieve ‘growth’ and make even more billions, you’re crushing the life out of millions of small business people around the world…

I, for one, have started using Bing for my searches today; and I hope that more will follow suit!

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  1. Agree 100%. The search results I’m getting have nothing to do with what I’m actually searching for. I am no longer using Google to do my searches. Switched to Bing too.

  2. our statcounter shows 2 adsense clicks April 25 – no revenue/activity shown in Google Adsense Report for April 25 – zero!!

  3. I have just lost my 8 year old site. It was all hand written content and had several keywords ranking on page 1. It had a variey of links including reciprical (which was fine in the early days), article marketing etc. There were no black hat links.

    I have other sites that I have used BMR and other questionable linking practices on, these are still doing OK.

    Go figure!

    • Dong says:

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  4. Natsuko says:

    Hi guys, I’d also like to see:- How to write about products if you know nothing about them (e.g. medical insurance) – What are Google likely to do next (what is the new Panda) – Are exact match domains safe from future penalties? Best of luck Mike

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