White Hat Victims Of Negative SEO

Written on:May 15, 2012
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In what could almost be called a comedy of errors, White-Hat SEO ‘legend’ Dan Thies recently received a Google notice of Unnatural Linking:


In the thread he makes some very valid points about how he could have been penalised. And it now seems that he’s been the victim of the growing highly unethical trend of ‘Negative SEO’.

Now, whether or not you feel that the backlash against him for openly speaking out over the blog network issues surrounding ‘Panda’ is justified or not, this perfectly highlights how someone who pretty much does everything by Google’s book can still be royally spanked by our friends at Google.

When, oh when, will Google realise the enormous can of worms they’ve opened with their fumbled attempts at dealing with web-spam!

Please: Google… Deal with this!

…Before all SEO services become ‘Negative SEO’ services – in the light of this ridiculous situation that YOU’VE created.


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Google Penguin Examination & Conclusions

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Holistic SEO: Consider The Big Picture

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Google Does It Again

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Well, it seems that Google has done it again… Last night (24th April 2012), Matt Cutts announced to the world that they’d yet again ‘fought the good fight’ and vanquished more evil spammers from our plane of existence: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/another-step-to-reward-high-quality.html ..but the problem is, as you will see if you read the rapidly growing comments section, that they’ve basically done the opposite. Utter garbage is ranking on the first page for…

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Dealing With Google Penalties & Notices

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